Delhi To London Bus Trip- 70 Days In Rs 15 Lakh!


Delhi To London Bus Trip- 70 Days In Rs 15 Lakh!

re you a road trip junkie? Do you have 'wanderlust' proudly written on your 'gram? Do you love adventure tours and the adrenaline rush it gives you? If your answer is a 'YES' to all of the questions, then we have great news for you! Amidst the pandemic which made you cancel all your summer plans. we have your 2021 travel plans covered.

Around 20 passengers can travel from Delhi to London in the modified luxury bus and it will cross 18 countries over a period of 70 days.

Adventures Overland, an expedition company took to Instagram to announce the “most epic bus journey in the world.” How would you feel about becoming part of the longest bus journey in the world spanning two continents, 18 countries and covering a distance of 20,000 kilometres in 70 days? The 'Bus to London' will be the first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service between India and the United Kingdom. sn’t it a wonderful idea to travel halfway across the world by bus? In case you agree with this statement, we have some news for you. Unbelievable but true. Adventures Overland, an expedition company, has introduced a bus trip that will ferry passengers from Delhi to London. Around 20 passengers can travel from Delhi to London in the modified luxury bus and it will cross 18 countries over a period of 70 days. In between the journey, passengers can “hop off” the bus to explore several locations including the pagodas of Myanmar, the Great Wall of China and other cities. The idea of introducing Bus To London came from a solo drive from London to Delhi that Tushar Agarwal did in 2010. Adventures Overland was founded by entrepreneurs Tushar Agarwal and Sanjay Madan. "It is an absolutely fantastic journey," Tushar told CNN Travel. The bus service from Delhi to London is expected to begin mid-2021. As far as the cost of the trip is concerned, it amounts to USD 20,000. To fit it into your budget, you may opt for just a part of the journey that is divided into four legs. You can also choose to start the journey from Delhi or London. Describing it as a “life-changing journey”, Tushar Agarwal said that around 40,000 people have already registered for Bus To London. In fact, do you know there was a bus that used to run in the 1960s from Kolkata to London?

In this one-of-a-kind road-trip, you will get to explore thousands of pagodas in Myanmar, meet rare species of Giant Pandas in Chengdu and will get to hike the Great Wall of China. Not only all this, but you also get to unwind in historic European cities such as Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels and Frankfurt before finally concluding the biggest journey of your lives in London. Apart from this, you can visit the historic city of Bukhara, Tashkent & Samarkand in Uzbekistan and cruise on the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan.

ET NOW spoke to the founder of Adventures Overland Tushar Agarwal on this epic journey and what inspired him to start this service? "We have been organising road trips around the world for the last 8 years. In 2010, I drove from London to Delhi and in 2013-14, Sanjay Madan and I drove around the world covering 90000 km in 50 countries on a journey known as great Indian world trip. This journey also created a Guinness World Record.", said (name) adding this is where the idea was conceived.

He further added that they have been organising such trips since 2017 which comprised of 27 people, "In 2017, we organised the first road trip from India to London via 18 countries known as 'Road To London'. As part of this journey, we took a convoy of 13 cars and 27 people from all over India to UK. The same trip was repeated in 2018 and 2019 also. while doing these trips, people approached us with a desire to do an overland journey from India to UK but without driving. Hence, we came up with the idea of launching a 'Bus To London' for those who are keen on doing overland journeys but don't wish to drive themselves."

Delhi to London—World's longest bus voyage to start in 2021


When we quizzed him about why London specifically and not any other country in the world, Adventures Overland co-founder Tushar Agarwal said that India and UK share a long history and going to London by road sounds like a larger-than-life journey which sounds impossible to do by road.

Delhi To London - Pack Your Bags!

For travellers waiting for the epic long road trip of a lifetime, Adventures Overland has announced the most epic bus journey in the world all set to start in the year 2021. Yes, the Bus to London, will be the first-ever hop-on/hop-off bus service from India’s capital Delhi to London in the United Kingdom’s London.

Touring 18 countries in 70 days

The post further adds that as a part of the tour, people will travel through 18 countries, covering 20,000 km in 70 days!

The journey will be undertaken in a luxury bus, well-equipped for comfort travel. The 20,000 km long journey will cover 18 countries in 70 days. The tourists on board will spend time in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK.

Trip divided into 4 major destinations

Leg 1 will cover India, Myanmar, Thailand whereas Leg 2 will cover China’s Sichuan and Xinjiang provinces, which feature trips to famous locations including the Great Wall of China, Silk Route and Gobi Desert among others. The caravan will then move forward to Central Asia’s Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.
The final leg will cover European countries like Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.

This larger than life journey needs an advance preparation of about 6 months, where the company will process 10 visas for Indian passport holders to cover the entire journey. Your passport must be valid until January 2022 and should have 20 empty pages. For visa, a detailed list will be mailed to you by the company and they claim they will assist you with each step to obtain the same.

An Epic Journey & An Equally Epic Ride!

You will be spending just 25 days on foot and not travelling out of the 70-day trip, so the bus they offer is crucial. According to Adventures Overland, the bus has 24/7 wifi, 2x1 configuration seat layout for wider alley, Mobile phone charging points via plug and USB, Private locker with each seat to store valuable items, Individual entertainment system with AUX and USB port, Mini pantry with a cool box to store water, beverages, chocolates, snacks and Business Class seat with multiple seat adjustment options and ample legroom

The trip will be divided into four categories and passengers can choose different destinations according to their liking and convenience while they will have to pay as per the particular package. However, if they avail of the whole trip from Delhi to London it will cost them Rs 15 lakh per person.

Travel ONLY When Its Safe Again!

However, with the pandemic scare and international borders being closed, is this the right time to launch? Tushar Agarwal says, "This news is like a fresh of breath air for travellers around all corners of India and the world. Even though international travel is restricted but the announcement of a bus journey from India to London is welcoming and it is giving travellers something to look forward to. However, the actual journey will begin ONLY when the global environment is safe to travel again. Keeping this in mind, we have announced that the first bus will start in May 2021 by when we hope that international travel restrictions would be removed and it would safe to travel again."

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