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Poti - Moi Olop Jironi Lou, Konobai Phone Korile Moi Ghorot Nai Buli Koba.
Potni - O' Hobo Diya.
Kisu Khomoy Pisot Phone Bajilot....
Potni - Teo Etiao Ghorote Ase.
Poti - Khong ot... Tomak Moi Ki Koboloi Disilu Ha !
Potni - Nohoy, Kheitu Mor He Phone Asil.

One Of The Best News About Samjhauta Express:

Indian crew brings Samjhauta categorical to India once West Pakistan suspends train operations

               Pakistan had stopped the Samjhauta categorical before it crossed the border at Wagah and asked India to send its own crew to drive across the international border.

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Pakistan stopped the Samjhauta categorical from coming to India
Several passengers were left stranded at the Wagah border
India had to send a crew to retrieve the train and produce passengers to Attari
Samjhauta categorical, that was halted by West Pakistan at Wagah border, has been brought back to India. In its latest move to act against India's interests once the Modi government's go on Article 370, West Pakistan had stopped the Samjhauta categorical before it crossed the border at Wagah and asked India to send its own crew to drive across the international border.

According to a Pakistani news channel, West Pakistan has suspended Samjhauta categorical in protest against India's move to scrap Article 370 to strip Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir of its special standing.

This is a part of a series of actions West Pakistan has taken since Monday's call by the Modi government to bifurcate Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir into 2 Union Territories and additionally get rid of Article 370. West Pakistan Railway minister tribal sheikh Rasheed has confirmed the suspension.

Assam Videos Can Also LIVE UPDATES ON Jammu and Kashmir

The West Pakistan government didn't inform India regarding its call to suspend the train at the border. This resulted during a variety of passengers being stranded at the Wagah-Attari border in geographic region.

Pakistan refused to send its driver and guard with the Samjhauta categorical to the Indian facet at the Attari international railroad terminal.

Attari railroad terminal superintendent Arvind Kumar aforesaid that it had been Pakistan's intercommunicate send the Samjhauta categorical train to India, however, the neighbours didn't do its bit on Th.

Instead of causation the train, {pakistan|Pakistan|Islamic Republic of West Pakistan|West Pakistan|Asian country|Asian nation} knowing the Indian facet that they need to send a driver and crew to require back the Samjhauta categorical from Pakistan. West Pakistan cited security reasons behind this fulminant move.

Pakistan on Wed expelled Indian diplomatist Ajay Bisaria, minutes once it set to downgrade the diplomatic ties with India over what it known as New Delhi's "unilateral and illegal" move to revoke the special standing of Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir.

This was declared once West Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a vital meeting of the National Security Committee (NSC), attended by prime civil and military leadership, throughout that it had been additionally set to suspend the bilateral trade and review the "bilateral arrangements".

"Our ambassadors can not be in national capital and their counterparts here also will be sent back," secretary of state Shah of Iran Mehmood Qureshi aforesaid in televised comments shortly once the National Security Council meeting.

Later, the ministry during a statement aforesaid that "Pursuant to the choice of the National Security Committee nowadays, the govt. of India has been told to withdraw its diplomatist to West Pakistan."

It, however, didn't offer any timeline for India to drag back its envoy.

"The Indian Government has additionally been knowing that West Pakistan won't be causation its High Commissioner-designate to India," the statement aforesaid.


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