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Assamese Song

“The very first thing i believed was, No one’s reaching to hear this,”
                   Aforesaid Tom John Lennon, memory the primary episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! (then Comedy Death-Ray) recording 10 years agone, live from alittle studio at Indie 103.1. At the time, he felt like what he, fellow guest Rob Huebel, and host Scott Aukerman were having was “just a normal voice communication during a weird, foul very little space.”

KONG SENG || Kussum Kailash & Neel Akash || Assamese Video Song 2019


“I didn’t assume that it might primarily launch a juggernaut of various podcasts. And it actually didn’t appear to be one thing that may last 10 years.”

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“So we have a tendency to did the show, and it had been a true blur. and that we didn’t even tape it!” Aukerman says. “The podcast was the furthest issue from our minds at that time, however a lover UN agency was on the A Special issue MEssage board wrote to ME and aforesaid that he had taped it and will email me a recording, thus we have a tendency to started golf stroke it up as a podcast.”
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“I’d been hanging out with Rob tons that month as a result of we have a tendency to had not solely gone to a Back to the longer term convention along, however we have a tendency to had gone to the Michael Joe Jackson estate sale in metropolis, that was weird,” Aukerman remembers. Lennon, at the time, was a lot of of a recent friend UN agency generally did the live show, and whom Aukerman knew had radio expertise.

4. KONG SENG || Kussum Kailash & Neel Akash || Assamese Video Song 2019

While Comedy Bang! Bang! has more established several iterations over the last decade — initial as a weekly live show at M Bar and later at the Upright voters Brigade in l. a. , then turning into a radio show and ultimately one in all comedy’s pioneering podcasts (not to say a five-year stint as a television show on IFC) — the through line, apart from Aukerman as firebrand, may be a consistent circus of experimentation by a number of comedy’s most inventive minds and new generations of talent. It’s what frequent guest Jason Mantzoukas calls “a comedy setup for happy accidents.”

5. Jhumoor - Papon, Dulal Manki & Simantha Shekhar - Coke Studio @ MTV Season 3

The show as we all know it had been born once Aukerman, UN agency had been doing comedy bits on his friend Joe Escalante’s morning radio show within the mid-2000s, known the station was moving to web radio and was trying around for those that wouldn’t mind not obtaining paid (“I was like, ‘Well, I’m not doing something, and that i will bring some illustrious and funny comedians on the show.  He picked John Lennon and Huebel for his initial episode part as a security web — he was nervous and needed to stack the deck with 2 extra-funny individuals to hold the burden if he ever blanked.

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